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Mohr Tranebjaerg Syndrome / MTS -Information site for those affected and their families

As to our knowledge 90 affected persons in 34 families have been found worldwide since 1960.

In May 2019 both of ours sons (25 and 5 years old) have been diagnosed with the MTS. To that date we assumed that both boys were suffering from the auditory neuropathy.

We did lots of research concerning MTS on the internet, eagerly trying to get more information. There are some scientific articles available but no site for people affected. So we decided to build up this site for all people affected and interested. The aim is to consolidate information of all kind including reports from patients and their relatives (of course anonymized) to offer advice and support.We believe, that the prognoses made do not necessarily have to come true. As an example we found the case of a patient presented at the 12th World Congress for Controversies in Neurology (2018, Warsaw, Poland). They came to the conclusion that not all patients with MTS have to go blind in the course of the disease.

MTS is still a relatively unknown disease as there are only a few diagnosed patients worldwide. We still hope and assume that scientific knowledge will improve in the future.

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